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which products i should use?

  • iGD
  • Costa Mesa, CA, USA
  • 1 year ago

Some one kindly tell me that it will be good to use Obagi products ?  Because i don't want to change brand daily, so i just want that whichever products i am using, should not have any side effect as well as should be best product.

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Try to use natural and organic products to your skin it is safer and effective. A natural and organic product does not contain harmful substances which may damage your skin. Avoid using harsh soap that has harmful chemicals like sulfate. These products are available in some supermarket and stores.
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you can try clinique products. best product. try to visit this
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you have other option at online pharmacy as well
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you can use an organic products.thanks
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You can try karmamist handmade Products. These homemade products are made with natural ingredients. For more details you can visit
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