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Product for lighten skin on the neck? My neck is the darkest place on my body..HELP.

  • Neck Problem
  • 2 years ago

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hydroquinone is a lightening cream. i think you should used this cream, try it.
Hydroquinone works and has been the gold standard for many years. Unfortunately, there are many health concerns associated with it's use, and it has been banned in many countries for this reason. You would be better off with a product containing Kojic acid or alpha arbutin.

From the little bit that I know about it, it seems people like Hydroquinone. Here is a Q&A about it to help you learn a little more:

Is Topical Hydroquinone Safe for Skin Lightening?

We do have a community dedicated to skin lightening, so you  might want to jump over there and check it out. We would love it if you would add any info you have about the topic as well. :)