uneven & different sized implants - how should i proceed?

  • Los Angeles7108
  • Los Angeles
  • 3 years ago

Last year's implants turned out uneven & different sized. The same surgeon said he needs to lower 1 side and also increase the size on 1 side. He agreed 2 pay 4 the lowering, but not the correct size implant. What rights to do I have in this case?

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Make sure to get in writing what he's agreed to cover financially. Many doctors will waive their fees, but still insist that the patient cover the OR and anesthesiologist's fees. I'm not sure what is standard as far as paying for the actual implant. Was the doctor clearly at fault? Did he order the wrong implants?

That happened to another woman on RealSelf. Here is her story.

Please keep us posted on how you resolve this situation! I'm sorry you have to go through it.