Was this procedure a harder recovery than you anticipated?

  • 3 years ago

If so what was the worst part of your recovery?

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I think the recovery ease now looking back on it all is really based on the persons physical condition prior to surgery. If I was planning to get "in shape" after the surgery my recovery would have been a whole heck of a lot more uncomfortable. My opinion is a MINIMUM 8 weeks of heavy workouts, heavy weight (I'm not talking Zumba or those little pink and purple dumbbells either). The abdominoplasty candidate should be really strong, you'll need it!
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I'm a female tt and i just had a male tt ask me a question. that's what brought me to this forum. I started wondering if male tt recovery is easier somehow than female recovery. I'm po 17 today, still not walking straight, still can't walk around too long. i don't know if the procedure itself is performed differently on men vs. women but it seems like you guys are getting around much faster!
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I am 4 days PO and this far the recovery is easier than I anticipated. I knew there would be pains and odd sensations but there is no way to prepare for that rather than just know it's coming.

I think the tough part lies ahead when I feel great but will still need to rest and recover; without the little aches and pains to remind me.
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PO day 11. I don't want to jinx recovery but the excruciating pain never happened, the drains came out really soon, I haven't had swelling, my energy level is 90%.
I'm happier than a cat in an open drawer.

I agree with the other dude who posted; following my surgeons instructions to the letter.
Did you find it hard to get in and out of bed right after surgery? Im debating on whether i need to rent a lift chair recliner or if the bed with lots of pillows will work.
I had a regular recliner. I slept in in for a few days/nights because negotiating a bed was very uncomfortable. I had very good upper arm strength so it was easy to push myself up out of the chair. I also bought a wedge pillow for the bed and never used it. Yes beds are tricky but after the 4th night I was ready to be in a bed. Albeit I was a bit uncomfortable it worked out. By the second night in the bed I was doing OK, just getting out of bed was tricky; but I did use the technique the nurse taught me during my over-nite stay at the hospital. Lots of regular pillows were fine. I was lucky in that the recliner at my friends house was electric but was not a lift style, just the foot rest was electric. Frankly if I did not have any recliner at all and only a bed I would have rented one for a couple weeks. Lying down flat in a regular bed right after surgery is out of the question.

I am happy to hear you are healing so well:)

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No, I don't think the recover is more than I anticipated. I had a fair amount of apprehension and worry about the procedure particularly how painful and how sore I would be following a tummy tuck. After two weeks, I feel "good". I understand I am still a long ways away from recovery but following the PS instructions to the letter have been a big help. The worst part is how itchy the compression garmet becomes and getting comfortable enough to sleep. Other than that, the entire experience has been more pleasant than anticipiated.
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Hey there, Question: one year later, how do your scars look like? Many thanks for a reply! RSP

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