problems after fraxel (fractional) laser treatment

  • Addy2009
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 8 months ago

I did last November 2013 a fraxel (fractional) laser treatment and I have the suspicion that something has gone terribly wrong. The treatment lasted more than 3 hours and was terribly painful, despite that I was injected with anesthesia in the entire face. When was I finished and looked in the mirror it was as if all the moisture from my skin was gone and it hang like a loose sheet of to my face. Grizzled and gray. I then thought that it might be because of the pain and that my face was just signed. I had hoped it be fine as come after some recovery time. But unfortunately the result after 3 months not what it should be. Large pores, blackheads, very dry skin, grizzled with grooves and wrinkles. Totally not what I expected!Maybe the laser was not properly adjusted because the clinic has just the day before  moved office. And since the dermatologist and her assistant were more chatting to each other then really paying attention to my skin, I'm afraid that something went wrong.They were probably also startled by my apearance, because on Saturday I was called if everything was okay with me.The treatment was given by a highly regarded dermatologist in Crete, Greece (I live there). Am not been back because then I get to hear how great I look and that everything is perfect etc.I now use on the day Regenerist serum Reparatrice Olaz and evening's Creme of Sisley and retinol /vit C and E capsules. What else can I do to get my skin back to normal levels. .. has anyone advice? I eat very healthy, drink 2 liter of water and take food supplements. Or does anyone know what went wrong and what can be done to reverse it?Thanks in advance!Addy

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Sorry to hear you have some negative side effects from the laser. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself well, what you could try is some organic raw honey, just apply to your face like a mask and let sit for 10-15 min. 
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