Having a Problem with my Right Breast Implant. My Surgeon Lost License?

  • lindaschwartz77
  • 1 year ago

just found out while trying to contact my surgeon that he was sued and lost his license in 2005 so I can't get help there. That option is definatly out. Does anyone know how i find my records now? any copies i had got destryoed or lost with several moves. I paid $75 to see Dr. Wheeler and he said I have an encapulation. Said i won't die w/o surgery but i need it for repair. I am on disability so I am very low income and don't make enough to be financed even. All i can do is cry and I am in terrible pain...anyone have any advice for me?

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So sorry you're dealing with this! Was your surgery performed at a hospital? Maybe they have records.

As for financing, I don't know what to say. One of the hard realities of breast implants is that you will generally need at least one other surgery at some point, so you kind of need to save for at least two procedures.

Fingers crossed that you can get this fixed and soon!

no not at a hospial, surgery was done at A Better You Platid Sugery Group. by Dr. Richard M. Escajeda. And if i would have known what I know about plastic surgery I definatly would have saved more money for future surgeries. This will be my third.