Primary rhinoplasty for African American in Maryland!

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  • 2 years ago

I have made the difficult but truly exciting decision to undergo rhinoplasty! I have heard excellent things about Dr. Thomas Le in Ellicott City, MD but wanted more recommendations in the Baltimore area to schedule consults with (keeping in mind I fall into the ethnic rhinoplasty category) I am not looking for a great deal of augmentation, just some fine tuning and refinement. Any recommendations of doctors I should check out or experiences you can share would be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Hi Kayla1,
Thanks for your response. I consulted with Dr. Le and you are right he is great! I ultimately decided to go with Dr. Boahene out of Hopkins. He was a better fit for me because he has done more AA/ ethnic rhinos. I am looking for subtle changes but maintain what's appropriate for my ethnicity. I know Dr. Le could have done it as well, just boiled down to me having more chemistry with Dr. Boahene. I would love to hear all about your surgery! I will look at all of your post to see if you have already detailed that. Feel free to pm me. I'm going to pm you to see if you have any suggestions etc for pre and post op preparation. Would love to see your pics also if your comfortable with sending them to me! These boards are a godsend especially for those of us that have scheduled a date or like you have experienced it. My surgery is Feb 10th. So nervous but mostly excited.
I had a revision done by Dr. Le and I found him to be an excellent, highly intelligent and personable doctor. He really does know what he is doing and is also a perfectionist; he still has the passion to help his patients and make them happy. He was also a very nice (and nice looking) person not like some of the self-righteous plastic surgeons out there. I hope my nose heals according to plan but I already know that this is all up to my body now. I believe that Dr. Le put in 120% effort into achieving the most ideal outcome. You can send me a msg if you have any additional questions. Good Luck. P.S I traveled from another country (not state) to see him and have my operation.
Dr. Boahene. He's best for us. Look on his website very natural looks for African Americans, he's very credentialed and highly recommended. I consult with him on wed. I'm going to pm you.
Well lookie at who I found over here lol. I had a rhino consult a few years ago in chevy chase (can't think of his name right now) but it was a bit expensive at the time. I just want a tiny fine tuning as well. He also said he could take a bit of fat and place it under my eyes. I have hollowness and darkness under my eyes. Drives me nuts. I can fix the darkness with canceler but not the hollowness. I decided on restelyne injections (I should probably write a review). It wasn't worth it for me. Looked great the first 2 weeks when it was swollen since it puffed up but then it leaked back out. Anyways, would like to fix the small hump on my nose but the face is not something to play with. Once you get that wrong its never the same. So if you have a good Dr let me know.
OMG its my homegirl from the other board! Lol! I have some great info on Dr. Boahene out of Hopkins. PM me and I'll give you specifics!
Please keep me posted, as I am also interested in it. I need to have an orbital decompression too. Might try for them both.