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primary rhino-septo - las vegas

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  • 3 years ago

I reside in Las Vegas, NV, and the reputation for Las Vegas plastic surgeons in general hasn't been all that great over the last several years, however, I'm hoping the few I have researched will dispel this. There seems to be only a handful of docs that are the top ones in facial p.s. in Vegas. The "foundation" pre-requisite for me is that the doc be at least board-certified in otolaryngology and AAFPRS. The ones I have researched have sound credentials and are at least triple-board certified for starters. Nonetheless, before I make a jump out of state, I am seeking any and all feedback from those that have either consulted with or had work done by any of the Vegas docs specializing in facial p.s., specifically, rhinoplasty and rhinoseptoplasty (although, I am looking into chin augmentation and facial lipo as well). Again, I am by no means bound to stay in Nevada nor would I want to be bound by cost. I am just looking for the most reputable that happens to be a perfectionist - and if that means traveling to another part of the country, so be it. I am male, 51, and have a prominent dorsal hump and slightly drooping tip, a classic Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean nose that has grown with age. I definitely want to retain my masculinity and ethnicity, so am definitely not wanting to go smaller. Just correct the hump/tip and simultaneously correct the deviated septum that has be impairing my breathing for many years. I was warned that too many cosmetic-based PS focus more on the look and made the breathing worse by making the nostrils too narrow, especially in women.

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Good for you for doing your research! I hope some folks on RealSelf are able to point you toward a great rhinoplasty specialist.