Pricing estimates for Ottawa, ON ?

  • snuggler
  • Ottawa, ON
  • 1 year ago

Looking to have a full tummy tuck and breast lift, possibly augmentation.  Curious to know a ball-park figure for total or each individually.   Dr. recommendations for Ottawa ON?   Thank you!

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I have done mine with Dr. Germain over in Gatineau. Excellent results as you can see from my pics. One of the best in the region, as rated in rateMDs. I only had a tummy tuck and it cost 8600$. They give you a rebate when you combined breast lift with TT.
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Hi I am having one done by Dr. Callahan Price is 9000.00. Expensive but he doesn't use drains so that's why I chose him. I'm scheduled for March.
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That's great for you! Which surgery is the $9000. for? thanks
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I'm having a tt done. So excited but so far away.
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