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Price of rhinoplasty for Dr Naficy?

  • Rebecca3689
  • 2 years ago

I'm in my 30's and am finally ready to get a nose job. I have small nostrils and a deviated septum which makes it hard to breathe half the time. And the vanity part - I've wanted a straighter nose and smaller tip since I was a teenager. It's so minor and yet I'd like it done. Why not Vancouver, BC? My sister recently had a rhinoplasty/septoplasty here in Vancouver in September. She can breathe much better now, she raves about it, but her nose does not belong on her face. It's so small and it hasn't even settled. She isn't complaining and I haven't said a negative word about it. But since she did all the research on surgeon's here, and this is the best she can get? I've also seen a lot of very obvious nosejobs from Vancouver surgeons so I have a bias. I have family in Portland, OR. I'm looking at having work done in Washington or California. Dr. Naficy & cost I've spent too much time on Dr Naficy's website looking at before and after photos. I really admire his work. He has an eye for beauty and the photos show the most subtle changes that make the face align.  I spoke to a nice person from his office. The cost given was significantly more money than I was expecting. I had saved ~ $8,000. The cost of a primary rhinoplasty, everything included, is close to $10,000. Additional septoplasty work could bring it to $12,000 - $15,000. It is my face; I'd like an excellent surgeon. But up to $15,000 was more than I expected. I can either take some more time and save up or I could look into surgeons in California instead. Questions Is this the usual for a surgeon located outside of Seattle? What about prices for a rhinoplasty specialist in California? I did take a look at the website here as well. I want a natural more feminine looking nose - I like the work of Dr Naficy but maybe around $8000 or so. Who would be good in that style? Thanks in advance!

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Who did you end up going with? I'm going to get revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Naficy later this month. His work looks amazing - it's my face and I figure it's worth the lifetime investment. I want to love myself when I look in the mirror!
I hope you made the choice to go with Dr. Naficy! There may be additional costs related to your procedure that other doctors haven't factored in. After having two botched and imperfect rhinoplasy procedures, Dr. Naficy completed a Rhinoplasty Revision and I have never felt more beautiful He is a true artist! I will tell you that choosing Dr. Naficy was the best decision I have ever made! Wishing you the best in your decisions!
Dr. Naficy performed my primary and I am so pleased with the outcome. He is a very skilled surgeon and worth every penny. I'd seriously consider him. Good luck!

It seems like $8,000 should cover a rhinoplasty, even here on the west coast. But it does depend on a lot of circumstances: surgeon, operating facility, etc. I know there are several excellent surgeons in Seattle and I'm sure in Portland and Northern California as well.

I would recommend that you peruse the website and try to find happy patients who've gone to surgeons within your traveling area.

Let us know what you decide!