With previous large vertical scar, what type of tummy tuck do I need?

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I have had a previous surgery over 20 years ago. The long scar that was left behind has always been a big insecurity of mine. In addition, I have a large amount of stretch marks from pregnancy. If I go with a tummy tuck, I don't like the idea of having a new horizontal scar on top of what I already have. Decreasing my amount of stretch marks with the least amount of scarring is my main concern. If I could also improve the appearance of my current scar that would be phenomenal. Thank you.

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I have a small scar about 1" below my breast that did not move after my full tt. So I am hesitant to believe that that entire scar would be brought down since yours goes all the way to the breast. Maybe a reverse tuck would work better for that?
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He said that the scar above my belly button will be brought down to my pubic area and I would have scar hip to hip and a two inch horizontal scar which will be much better than what I have now. I should be able to wear a bikini. I have had this scar for 20 years and I was young when it happened. I am very nervous about the surgery and especially the results and whether I will be okay or not. I will let you know how it goes. YOu can view my scar under my name.
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I have the same kind of scar and getting a tt on Feb 24th. Did you get your tt as I am curious to see how you made out
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Hello, thank you for contacting me. I'm so happy I have someone out there that knows what I'm going through =)
Unfortunately no, I did not end up getting a tummy tuck. I for the moment took my mind off of it. I was sort of dissapointed when I didn't get a doctors response, for I thought there was no hope for me.
I would love to see how yours turns out!!! I'm very curious to know, did your doc recommend both a vertical & horizontal incision? I was hoping for only a vertical one, because ofcourse I already have one of those! The best of lucky to you. I wish you much sexy & confidence!!!

Resolving your vertical scar depends on how much skin is removed in the tummy tuck. The stretch marks would definitely be diminished, but you'd have the hip to hip tummy tuck scar (though this usually falls under the bikini line).

We'd love to know if you decided to go ahead with a tummy tuck.

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