Prevention of Tanning!!

  • eagle2020
  • Passaic, NJ
  • 3 years ago

Hi, I don't want to get tanned at all! does sunblock or sunscreen stop tanning at all? or does either one cause some tanning? Also is there any recommended brand of each?

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If you are in direct sunlight, your only option to avoid any color at all would be to use a Zinc based product. Unfortunately, these can be fairly opaque and do not look great on the skin. I would recommend a titanium/zinc blend....wear a hat....try to stay out of the sun.
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Hi eagle,

Sunblock and sunscreen are essentially the same thing; real sunblock is that opaque cream you see surfers put on their noses. :) But any of the clear creams you buy to put all over your body are really just sunscreen.

The higher the SPF, the more effective your sunscreen will be at stopping the sun's rays. I don't think any of them block 100% of UV rays, so technically speaking you will still tan a little bit. Also, it depends on how long you stay in the sun and how often you re-apply sunscreen, since it wears off.

Personally I use a spray-on sunscreen but you can still tan with it, so I can't recommend it for what you're looking for.

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