Anybody know how to prevent sleep wrinkles other that sleeping on my back , which I do.

  • Nordicnita42
  • Antigo, WI
  • 2 months ago

The wrinkles that show the most run diagonal from the eye into the cheek area. They look like they are just 'pushed' into my cheek. I have tried taping my skin to prevent it from moving but to no avail with that. I use good crèmes and eat healthy-never smoked.  I have noticed these wrinkles forming for over 30 years and have been fighting them since-so frustrating .

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Have you heard of a pillow called 'Save my face pillow'. I use the smaller one. It cost about $50. And as an allergy sufferer, I think it makes it easier to breath. I love mine.
I have tried silk pillow cases as well as memory foam which has not helped. I will check out the 'Save my face pillow' ! Thanks!
Let me know how the 'save my face' pillow works for you! I sleep on my back too, but I think it's the position my head falls into during sleep that may be causing my wrinkles. I am thinking the only thing that will work is to put my head in a vise!! It seems I see more wrinkles every day-my skin is crepey and seems to be asking for wrinkles! I am going to look into dermabrasion.