Pretty sure it's a go for late May/early June (Dr. Hochstein anyone?)

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  • Florida
  • 3 years ago

I have only met with one plastic surgeon so far (even though it's the one that I feel is the one). I've researched doctors off and on for a few years. This doctor is in Miami- hours away from where I live. I am also interested in Soto in Orlando, and Diaco in Tampa, but both of those are about 2 hours from me, and I think would end up being more inconvenient than Miami (since my family is in Miami). I'm looking at a tummy tuck, lift and augmentation. During my consult, the dr. said we could do a benelli, but a full would leave no sag. During the consult I told him full, but if he feels confident with the Benelli, I'd like to go that route for less scarring for the time being. I can get the full lift years down the road ;). I've seen quite a few pictures of women that had a benelli lift and their "moderate sags" are gorgeous. ;). I don't technically have the nipple below the crease problem, nut definite tissue loss, skin issues, and areolas that have had the life sucked out of them! It's weird to think that I was a 40DD and now I'm approximately a 34b. I go back and forth 247. I thought I would always be way too scared to get a TT, but then suddenly I was considering all out mommy makeover. Then, the next day I'd decide on only the breasts. Round and round we go. The recovery sounds like it could be a bit draining and will literally take my whole summer out of school nursing it, so to speak. However, I long to wear a bikini. I have a ton of stretch marks on my thighs and hips, too, but nothing is more unsightly than the mangled marks above the belly button!! At the height of my pregnancies I was about 225 lbs. Now I'm at around 130-135. I ate myself silly. My girls are just over 15 months apart. So, yeah, I was a little hard on my body with the pregnancies, weight gain, nursing, nursing and pregnant, then nursing again. This site is now my new evening cool down. I am a bit infatuated with reading reviews and hearing how people are healing. It has been incredibly insightful, and at times scary. It's awesome to see pictures and hear stories - it makes me that much more informed, or at leat gives me more questions to ask! It's all so very exciting, overwhelming, and nauseating at the same time!!