Any one had a pressing down sensation on their eyeball from the lid after upper eyelid surgery?

  • Tina inUK
  • 2 years ago

I am 8 weeks post upper eye lid surgery and most of the time the edge of one of my eye lids feels likes its pressing on my eyeball, it feels swollen  but doesn't really look it. Its really annoying the other eye is fine,but I had a lot more swelling and brusing on the eye that now feels weird.  Also can anyone tell me does the feeling of tightness in your scar area ever go away, if feels tight most of time and when I look up and to the side its very tight.   I also have a problem with the corners of my eyes nearest to my nose itching  and burning I believe this is a symptom of dry eyes.  How long can this last I am using eye drops regularly it helps a bit.  Never realised it would all take this long to fully heal and i wonder if  my eyes will ever feel normal again

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I'm 32 days post op and also experience one swollen eyelid and brow looks like fluid retention, been like this since surgery, blurry vision in the same eye, I have pain in the temple area of that eye. How's everyone's symptoms now?

yes my left eye after eyelid surgery 9 weeks ago still feels like something is rubbing my eyeball when i bling and i have sharp pain in that eye and blurred vision..

I don't get a pain or blurry vision. It feels like there is some fluid trapped on the edge of my lid that can't get out. The last few days it does seem to be getting better. My surgeon just says give it time.Same old answer to everything!