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I am pregnant and can't get Botox, what can I do in the interim?

  • MNorrdin
  • Corona, CA
  • 4 years ago

I have been a Botox patient for 4 years now. But am now pregnant and have not been able to receive my injections for 4 months now.

My brow lines and furrow lines are back with a vengance. What other topical products or topical procedures are out there to help me in the interim until I can return to Botox?

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frownies are pretty great
Hi, 1 week ago I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant. 2 weeks ago I had botox injections on my face: eye and forehead. I did not know I was pregnant!Can a medical professional help me to understand the consequences? I have read many things about low birth weight and deformity's in rabbits and mice.. I'm really worried about my situation!! Thanks.

There was a Q&A posted that asked about the effects of Botox while pregnant. You can click here to see the doctors answers.

I hope your pregnancy is going well for you!!

i was curious, i want to get botox but i want to try for another baby august of 2011, will it hurt me to do botox before trying to get pregnant? i have had a couple miscarriages this year and giving my body a rest from trying until next august and feel i need a little botox to ease my depression of miscarriages! i am hoping i can do botox but want to make sure it won't hurt my chances of getting pregnant at a later date???? thanks!
Hi Merrill, My office manager recently had an Intraceutical O2 Infusion Facial and her anti-Botox husband accused her of having had Botox injections. So find out where you can get the treatment. It acts by hydrating your face. Congratulations on your pregnancy and wish you a healthy, happy baby. Dr. P