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Pregnant after mommy makeover?

  • Arlington9808
  • 3 years ago

I had my mommy makeover (TT, BL, BA) on may 27, 2011. I was so excited, and I love my results. But yesterday I found out that I am pregnant. Im so confused,and I dont know what to do.. Im against having an abortion, but I dunno if my body can take a pregnancy when Im still in pain from recovering from my extensive surgeries. Is anybody out there who went thru the same thing? what are the risks involved? if i decide to go thru the pregnancy, can i get another tummytuck after? I'm having a consultation with my PS on tuesday but I wanted to ask for more opinions and see if there are more cases like mine. Thank you for your help.

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Wow didn't realize the date .... Lol... duh.... Please let us know what happened!
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Congratulations and sorry for your situation you have go through. Did you have MR? You must definitely speak to your surgeon don't be embarrassed at all that is very very important. I like to say I was interested in knowing the same thing as you as I researched the procedure before going under knife since hubby and I are still in our 20's and the possibilities are very high of baring a child. I am planning to avoid that though. I saw a video on YouTube a while ago of a woman pregnant after having a tummy tuck it might still be up. As for her giving birth I never seen another video for that. I read there can be complications with the pregnancy and the birth of the child. You might need a specialized midwife that can handle these particular, births. My hubby kinda want a child in 10 to 15 years and I am like we have to make choose now so won't go through the stress and pain of it all. I hope everything turns out fine for you guys and the baby. I really wish you the best. Please keep us posted. There's no judging here things just happen. Good luck love!
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Oh my, girl. You have a lot of thinking to do. I'm not sure what pregnancy would do to your body 4 months post-op, but in most cases you should be able to get another tummy tuck later. Good luck with this one. *Hugs*

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