Is anyone having Pre-Surgery identity crisis like I am? 34 DDD to a 34 C yikes

  • Double DDs
  • New York
  • 2 years ago

Hi Cyber Boobies sisters, so I'm a 29 year old woman who's had large breast for as long as I can remember I think my training bra was a 34 b. anyway as much as I want smaller breasts and pain relief I'm afraid that I will not be "me" with smaller boobs. As silly a it sounds I've identify myself as a big breasted woman. Looking in the mirror that aren't the most youthful or even beautiful breast in the world but they're mine. I guess I say all of this to say are any of you scared out of your mind that post surgery you won't "like" having a smaller bust size? If you had this problem howd you overcome it?   Signed Scared Big Boob Chick..