Pre Op Week

  • ABQme
  • Albuquerque NM
  • 3 years ago

Anyone have any advice on diet the week before? I have been eating a well balanced diet and drinking lots of water. Anything else? Also with regard to clothes for recovery, I have a bunch of loose gym shorts and t-shirts, will that be ok? Do I really need to go out and get front button stuff? I am so excited for Friday morning that I can't even stay focused...

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Ugh... I am delayed until tuesday. My adhd meds are a risk according to anesthisiologist. Hope things went well for you today.
Hi ABQme,
I'm with you on Friday :)

I banished the following my diet through advice:
onions, garlic, fruit, vegetables, red meat, salt

I made myself a nice kedgeree of sea bass, egg, white rice, with coriander and a little bit of chilli - and have eaten it for dinner lunch and dinner! Tomorrow I will have maybe a tuna or salmon sandwich for lunch, and salmon fillet in soy and ginger for dinner - I have even lost a few pounds (but that maybe not drinking alcohol for 2 weeks prior...)
Wednesday and Thursday evening I will also take senokot to make sure that everything is 'clear' ready for the procedure. I suffer from a bit of IBS type symptoms from time to time - so am dreading that part of the recovery.
Will stop dairy on Thursday, as I am sure I read somewhere to stop milk in tea/coffee too. Good luck and keep in touch regarding your recovery.
Sorry should have added, you only needed to ban those items from around 3 days before. I just thought I would start early!
Thanks for the advice! I am seeing Dr Chen too! I will definitely get something for the constipation... I a trying to eats lots of veggies too.
So some advise on Dr. Chen. I have had several surgeries in the past and every surgeon has called to check on me either the night of surgery or the next morning. Now I dont know if it was a mix up or not but do not expect a follow up call from him. I was actually sort of shocked that after such an invasive proceedure that he would not call. One positive was that when I got nausiated and called his office on a Sunday I got him on the phone immediately and he called in the script for me with out a hesatation. That is about the only complaint i have about him. Other than that I am very happy with him. Good luck on your new date.
Hello fellow Albuquerquerian. I also live here in NM. I got a full TT with muscle repair and a thigh lift on 4/8. Yes, get a button front shirt. I just got a button fornt PJ set. Loose clothes is best. Also as you continue to read some of the other stories you will notice that constipation is common. Mine was super bad. Get something for that and take it daily. Keep in touch and I cant wait to see your pics. My prayers are with you