Pre-Op Appt Complete- so many differences

  • JoyNFl
  • St Petersburg, FL
  • 2 years ago

Well, I had my pre-op appt this morning, so I am one step closer!!! YAY!!! And, even more nervous :) So, I have noticed that there are a few differences between the way doctors/ surgery centers do things. Here is what I have found: 1. TT Binders: I have read so much about being fitted for a binder during pre-op. Not me. I was told that I would have one binder to wear until my drains come out, then I will get a stage 2 binder to where the remainder of the time. 2. Breast Reduction garment: I asked if I should buy a 2nd binder or garment so that I would have a second on hand and they said no. They said that I can wear a sports bra for a short amount of time while I am washing the one that they give me, but other than that, don't bother. 3. I have read that many women are given medication to take the morning of surgery for nerves, but not my doctor. They said that if (haha, "if"??) I'm nervous when I arrive, then they will give me something to help when I arrive. 4. TT Drains- I was told today that they typically do not like to remove both drains at the same time. I don't recall reading much on this, but I guess I was a little surprised. 5. I expected to be told that I couldn't shower for days, however, I can shower after 24-48 hours. They don't want me to stay in too long....just a quick soap off and hair cleanse and the water can't be too hot. But, still different from many other posts that I've read.  I'm not discouraged about the differences or worried. I guess I just had a thought of how some of it would go and it was different. Oh, but I do want to say how much fun it was to have the pictures taken. AAHHHH!!!! So glad she did it all pretty quickly, because standing there wearing those beautiful blue thong panties was worse than having a cavity filled ;) geeeze....what a day!!! Anyway...8 days left!!! WOW!!! It still almost feels like a dream :)

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Hi Joy:

My ps pretty much did what your said. I could shower at 2 days post op (I showered on day 3). they put me in an Ace bandage wrap for my breasts immediately post op then I switched to my sports bra around day 5. They put me in an abdominal binder that velcroes around your abdomen - I wore that for about 3 weeks. Then I switched to high waisted compression panties that I bought at Kohls and Sears - (I am 3 months post op and still wear them eventhough ps said I could wear regular panties. I am on my feet all day at work and it helps with the swelling - yes you could continue to have swelling months after). I had 2 drains - my surgeon also said only one at a time because sometimes you can continue to have drainage and he wanted to prevent a seroma from forming. I had one drain out at 10 days and the other out at 3 weeks.

It looks like you probably have had your surgery - good luck!
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Good luck to you!
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hang in there Joy! I agree, taking those pics is as bad as having a root canal! I've wondered about the compression garments too and figure I'll just follow what doc tells me. I don't have my pre-op until 3/12 but go to my mammogram in 2 days. Dr. wants a new one since my last one was 3 years ago. I can't tell you how great it is to read other women's thoughts and questions on here. Makes me feel somewhat normal. Keep us posted and i will be looking for your post!
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