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Pre-menopause or menopause post-op: How to deal with night sweats after OP ?

  • nowornever2012
  • 2 years ago

Just wondering, I'm pre-menopause and dealing with the night sweats and it can get pretty wet around and under the boobs so how did you deal with that after OP, concerned about the scars staying wet as I will be getting full anchor lift with aug .......

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must be more out there in the same situation I am and that had some concerns about the sweats before the OP , how did you deal with it, maybe its just not as big of a deal, but would like some feedback/tips on how do deal with the sweats after OP
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I know it's not the same but I had a tummy tuck and lipo and the sweats really stepped up a gear for me post surgery as I think it set my system off kilter. It made no difference to my healing at all, but it was quite uncomfortable to be that sweaty and stuck in binders and compression garments. I think I nearly blew my Hubby away I had the fans on so high! Definitely ask your surgeon, but I am going back in January for a lift and implants and my surgeon knows and seems to have no issue or concerns regarding this. My bandages were changed daily though for the first week so maybe that might be something to keep in mind.
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thanks Sarah1553, I will ask my Doc, dont know why this cross my mind, well yes I do, the other night I woke up all sweaty around my boobs and started thinking what will I do when this happens after my OP, Will I be able to just wipe it away like I'm doing right now. with all the bandages and all that...Oh boy lots to think about...I'm not 20 something anymore, stuff is happening......I cant be the only one in this situation.......thank you for your comment means alot to me, and I wish you the best on your upcoming OP in Januray

What a great question! (Aren't night sweats the worst?) You should ask your doctor about this one. I don't know how often the bandages get changed, but that would probably make a difference in your healing.

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Yes I will ask him but kinda know what HE will say, but hopping to get more feedback from others here on this site , real women going thru this, must be others in the same situation I am, so looking forward to hear from all you beautiful premenopause, menopause post-op beauties, I cant be the only one going thru this REALY !