Pottying after a Tummy Tuck days 1-3 *Serious Question*

  • Momby4boys
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • 3 years ago

Please tell me about your experiences using the bathroom (just peeing) the first day after surgery. My PS wants to send me home with a catheter but it kind of freaks me out. So, how did you manage to go pee the first day or 2 after surgery? :) My TT is schedule for February 18th.

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I went home the same day with a catheter in so that I wouldn't have to get up that night at all. They wanted me in bed and laying for the 1st 12 hours at least. A nurse came to my house the next day to remove it and change my dressings for the 1st time. I was happy they sent me home like that, getting up that first night to pee wasn't something that I really would've loved doing. Believe me, you are a little loopy due to the lingering effects of the anesthesia and the pain pills. You won't even notice the catheter is there. In general I HATE HATE HATE those things being in but it was fine.
They wouldnt let me go home until I peed on my own. I did however end up with a bladder infection. I dont think I was totally emptying.
I didn't pee at the officer when I left from my TT & BA. But I peed once I got home! In fact that's all I've been doing !
Momby, I knew you would appreciate having it in! So easy. They must have changed something about them from years ago because mine was not uncomfortable either. Glad it was a good experience. How did surgery go?
Okay. So I decided to go with the cathater and BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!!!
It wasn't bothersome AT ALL! once I got home I went straight to bed, got up twice to walk around and then went back to bed for the night. The next morning dear sweet hubby pulled it right out and that was it!
If they give you the option...TAKE IT!!
I went home with a catheter after surgery (TT). The dr didn't want me getting up and down the day of surgery to go to the bathroom. Wanted me to rest. It felt a bit weird but it wasn't much of an issue. Went back to the office the next morning and they removed it. Went pee within 10 minutes after they took it out. So, if they want to send you home with one, it really isn't such a bad choice. Just my opinion
I had a catheter inserted during surgery, but removed before I woke up.

I wasn't allowed to leave until I could pee, but it did sting til about the 2nd day post-op. I had to run the tap to help me get going, because I knew it would hurt. Now, no tap on, most times, just if I want to go for sure before bed and it's not co-operating. :)
I had early morning surgery and stayed one night at the surgical center. Since I've had surgery before, I started drinking water as soon as I was fully awake around 2pm. My nurse took the cath out at 4pm. About 10 min later, I was ringing for help to go to the bathroom. Didn't have a problem getting up, they just wanted to make sure my IV came with me. Never had a problem peeing at all.
I agree. When he mentioned it I was like "WHAT?!"
But when I questioned it he said he did it with all his patients and that I could choose not to. He just does it because he wants his patients to rest the first night and not worry about getting up and down to go to the bathroom.
I'm thinking I'm going to decide against it because I WANT to get up and down.
My PS is a doctor on thsi forum, so if you go to my profile and click on him you can read about him. He's highly qualified and his reviews from other patients have all said that he's very meticulous (sorry if I mispelled that!)
So, we'll see. I'm still weighing the options. :)
So, back to the original question...how was having to get up and down to go pee the 1st and 2nd day?!

Getting up and own was the hard part and hurt like hell.  BUT...you need to be moving around to prevent blood clots and fluid settling in your lungs.  You also get really stiff if you are down for long periods of time.  Movement is a good thing after surgery. 

Just keep on top of the meds and that helps.

Personally I would skip the cath.
I had my TT on 2/1 and stayed overnight. They had a cath in me til 6am the morning after surgery. After they removed it, it took a while before I could pee. After all your bladder is empty from having the cath. When I went for the 1st time it took FOREVER!!!! Thought I would never go. It was like that for the 1st couple of times, but after it wasn't a problem. I'm with Kimmers, a pee bag with all the other stuff? YUCK

My doc never mentioned a cath either.  It was all ok...you are slow moving and it takes a while to actually go but it is ok.  It just hurts to push but don't hurry and it is fine. 

They would not let me leave the surgery center until I could go.  Once that started I was fine.  They push so many fluids in you that you will go on your own just fine.

I would not have wanted a cath...Ouch and you run the risk of a bladder infection as well.

With the two drains, binder and padding the last thing I wanted was a pee bag hanging on my leg...God.
Never heard of being sent home with a catheter. I've had a number of surgeries & part of the deal about being released from the hospital or day surgical center is that you must pee on your own. They even measure how much with the little plastic measuring "catcher" on your potty.

I'd double check with your doctor.