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First Post, Surgery in the morning

  • kat77915
  • Florida
  • 1 year ago

I am sitting  here in Tijuana awaiting a Mommy Makeover in the morning with Dr Quiroz.  Not sure if it's called a Mommy Makeover, this whole thing is new to me.  I'm having a tummy tuck, lipo all over, butt lift and an arm lift.   Is that a Mommy Makeover?    Ok, here comes the questions.  If you can answer tonight, I'll be grateful.  How much does this hurt and for how long?  Pretty scary.     Any words of reassurance would be great.   I can fill you in on this doctor and clinic.  So far, the hospital and Recovery Boutique is amazing.  Beautiful.   I met the doctor this afternoon and he recommended a full tummy tuck instead of a modified (which is what he originally felt was necessary from the picture) but once he saw me, he felt it would be better full.  He also didn't think an outer thigh lipo was necessary once he met me, so he's not doing that.  On a good side note, he is adding a butt lift in there that I didn't expect.  Yea!  An arm lift and also lipo with ultrasound around the bulge near bra straps.     You help get me through the first days and I'll fill you in on the blow by blow.    

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There is always pain involved in surgery.  Each person's tolerance level is different.  The thing to remember is that it's all temporary and will pass.  Stay on top of the pain medication and this will help greatly.  

Keep us up to date on how everything is going.