Post first treatment shivers

  • JL_14
  • 2 years ago

Hi there, I started my course of laser hair removal last week and it is going well-I am a man and I was pretty hairy with coarse dark hairs all over so I had my ches, back, shoulders and legs done.  Anyway, hair is coming through and falling out fine but my only concern is that when I go from one room to another or get into a bath and the temperature changes I get massive shivers up and down my body, which sort of hurt for a few seconds. The 'pain' such as it is happens as my skin gets taught (as I get the goosebumps) and then it subsides almost immediately. I don't know if the hair follicles are just really sensitive especially with hair trying to push out in them and also because I am not used to temperature changes without so much hair especially on my back. Has anyone else had this-i'd really appreiate some feedback because it happens fairly frequently and I am hoping it will stop (?) and it is just a normal thing so some reassurance would be great.  My skin hasn't burned or changed colour or anything and I feel fine-I just seem to get these weird shivers! Thanks, J