Post Surgical Bra

  • Iowa71
  • Iowa
  • 3 years ago

Before my surgery I was unsure of what size or type of sports or surgical bra to buy.  My intention was to just buy an extra one from the hospital and it would be all taken care of, however after being fitted for mine I found out that it was the last one of the size.  Two days after surgery I was desperate to wash the bra. My aunt ran to pick up a couple of sports bras of different sizes for me to try.  Both were too tight and uncomfortable.  I had decided that I would just have to go without one for a couple of hours while I washed and dried mine and hope that it wouldn't cause any adverse effects.  That is when my husband came up with a wonderful idea:  ACE wrap.   I placed my guaze pads where I needed them and wrapped the ACE bandage around my chest.  It felt amazing to be able to adjust the amount of pressure that was just right for me.  It held very snugly and allowed me to get the bra washed.  I am sending my husband out tomorrow to buy a couple more so that I can attach them together and wrap it around the entire surgical area, so that I can wear it for longer periods of time.  It actually feels better than the surgical bra I am wearing and if I can make it work, I think I'm going to go to that as my at-home bra, especially since as the swelling subsides I will be able to adjust the fit.