Post surgery care is a challenge after stroke

  • caretaker1
  • Hudson, FL
  • 1 year ago

I have found this MOHS surgery to be very disturbing .. While they make it sound so easy they forget to tell you what you can expect until you go in for your follow-up visit .. My ex-husband had a stroke Spet. of 2011 .. His body was in major stress mode .. So his skin cancers started popping up .. Aside from now having diabetes (A1C6) , his prostititus came back, Enlargment to the top left of his heart and permenant damage to his brain in the form of dyslexia and sundowning .. All his own doing but now it is my concern as I must fact find and be caretaker as his Power of Attorney .. Oh and I myself have been living with MS for 12 years ..   We are in maintenance mode with the help from here and our pharmacist we found out about wound care .. One month was wasted .. I express to ALL doctors the situation we are in and that information verbally given is easily lost by both of us and that writing things down is always best yet this center for dermotology just focused on him getting this MOHS surgery and not at all about the how's of care and length of recovery ..   My husband has had skin cancer since 40 and he is now 63 and will never have MOHS again .. He cannot sleep in bed as he has to keep his head up ALL the time .. If we had known the wound was going to be so big and left open I would never had allowed it .. There had to be a way they could have grafted skin and it makes me mad .. He won't go back to this place for any other removals and I cannot blame him .. He has come a long way but this is the worst decision we ever had to make and I feel pretty much "forced" into it by the Nurse Practitioner as they NEVER offered any other options ..   Thank you for allowing me to vent .. A.G. Serra