Where can I post my specific rhinoplasty question...?

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Hi everyone. I wanted to post my query where I could get feedback from physicians. I am confused about where to go to ask the question (the ask a Question prompt didn't seem to have a place for a photo?)  Well, and, as long as I am here--maybe I will just talk to you all in the forum about my situation.  I had rhinoplasty 8 years ago. I was a "mature" patient (I was 52..I am now 60). My original nose was VERY long, crooked and thin. I had sinus surgery done at the same time with the rhinoplasty. When I "came to" I was shocked...because even with the cast on I could see nearly half of the length of my nose was gone. It was a drastic change. It definitely looked "cuter" and immediately made me look younger. I was surprised that my recovery was good and I had very little bruising. Later, because I was curious,  I requested my surgical narrative. I discovered (only from the narrative) that I was given a gore-tex implant. I had not signed on for that...and I asked my surgeon why I had recieved the implant. He explained that the thinness and length of my nose made it like a house with no roof when the hump (oh, did I mention the hump?) was removed. At first my new nose looked quite good, sort of squared and "chisled". It took some getting used to, but I decided to be happy with it. Now, (8 years later) however, it looks more round and at certain angles there are "dips" in my skin and a significant  lump of one side. I've had another surgeon try injecting fillers into the dips and the creases (which seemed to help a little but it's expensive and the effect doesn't seem to last long).   Lately I am really noticing a discoloration/shape about 1'2 way up the nose. In researching online, I wonder if this is what is called "extrusion"? I have searched on RealSelf and goretex seems to be not favored because of "extrusion". My question is ...how likely is the nose going to continue to shift and change (and "extrude")? I imagine if this was the worst of it I could live with it. But I am looking for a considered opinion....is it likely to get much worse? Would revision of a goretex implant be more arduous than a regular revision?  Thanks to all!  p.s. I am not angry with my original surgeon, just so you know...but I doubt that I would return to him for any follow up.     

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Angie, thanks so much for the links and for allowing my question. I might do as you suggest (start my story in the rhinoplasty community). I wonder if it is all right for me to repeat what I have written here in the Ask a Question section (now that you explained it to me)? I appreciate your help. My tendency is to go ahead and live with it, but I fear that it will continue to change/extrude/get more weird with time. I guess I am very fortunate that I haven't had infection and I want some opinion about if I should avoid fillers because of the possibility of making things worse instead of better! Thanks for your help. :)
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Hi there,

I'm sorry you were having trouble posting your question. If you type your question, several related questions come up, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page where it says, "Can't find your answer? Ask your question" and click on that, you will see a field where in you ask your question, and below it, several buttons to click that will allow you to upload a photo.

As far as your gore-tex implant goes, here's what some doctors have to say about revising it. You might also have it replaced with your own cartilage from your ear. I had this done and it has worked pretty well (though, as with almost any rhinoplasty, especially a revision, my results aren't perfect). 

Here's some more information about gore-tex implants from doctors. Seems they are not favored because of their tendency to get infected. :(

Please let us know what you decide to do. I'd love it if you'd start your story in our revision rhinoplasty community. It's often a good way to get support from others who've been through something similar.

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