Just some post rhino swelling, or....?

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  • 1 year ago

I just had a revision rhino. The nose was straightened (silicone graft inserted), the tip was shortened by 1mm, and I requested nostril reduction (I had too much nostril show from the front due to previous rhino). I don't know technical terms, but I'm assuming by how he explained it to me, that he somehow lifted the septum.

I emphasized to him, that priority is nostril reduction. Inanycase, I am now 5 days post op, and my nostril show is slightly more than before. It's a mild case of the dreaded, "piggy'' look. My nostrils look exaggeratedly flared to the upside, and my tip looks like its sticking up a bit higher. I understand there is swelling, not to mention I can feel the pressure of it.

Though, considering the request for nostril reduction, I would have thought that through out the post-op swelling, I would not have gotten the ''piggy'' look:

1. If he raised the septum (or whatever), why does it look like it's in the same place? Or at least, giving the same effect as before (meaning, extra nostril show from front)? Is the swelling pushing the septum down? And once swelling is gone, septum retreats to where he adjusted it to?

2. Do nostrils tend to flare to the upside post-op? Is that from the opening and stretching open of the nostril during surgery?

3. Will the nostrils ''close'' in and down, as the tip swelling diminishes? 4. Will the tip drop, and by how much and when? That's about it. It's not an instant gratification procedure. But, knowing what is going on, and why, can and does reassure me of what the results are going to be. Thank you, you, and you.

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The op and the swelling make the tip go up for a while. In a few months the piggiesness wil be gone. :) I think everyone is piggy for a few weeks! Hope it gets better
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Thanks for your post! You are super early days, and I know it's not what you want to hear, but you need to be patient. You'll still be really swollen at 5 days post op. If you want some professional input from doctors, you can post a question in the Doctor Q&A community (if you haven't already).

Good luck and I hope you end up really liking your results.

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