What if post operation results CLEARLY dont match intended results?

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What IF The recommended surgical plan was preformed,, I am one year an two months post op, My results clearly dont come close to the INTENDED RESULTS? When a surgical plan is designed and recommended to the patient, if a part of the procedure was not completed or corrected, That leaves a patient (ME) with no resolution when the surgeon refuses to revise unpleasant, unsightly results. Any suggestions as to who i should get to fix results welcomed...

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I had a combination tummy tuck and liposuction and have the end result shown in picture (picture not me) plus another buldge above my naval. It looks aweful and it has been a yr this Oct. I am very upset and have avaoided talking with my surgeon. I think he will try to tack on addtitional cost for his poor work.
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Your posted picture seems to be a tummy tuck. You are showing the fat collection at the hips.Liposuction of the hips is not part of a tummy tuck. This is a seperate procedure. It should have been discussed prior to surgery. If it bothered you then it could be added to the tummy tuck. you add the surgeon fees, plus extra two hours for liposuction and anesthesia fees.
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