Post op relief from facelift and neck lift discomfort?

  • trublu112
  • KY
  • 1 year ago

I am now 4 weeks out from my surgery. Of course my PS tells me all is going right as it should but I had no idea what this healing and recovery period was going to be like. Foolish me, LOL! The tightness, tingling, and numbness are a daily challenge to deal with. I guess the tingling is a good sign. It has started up in earnest the past 48 hours and is almost nonstop in one area or another. Frankly I'm about ready for an anti-depressant! Anyone else feel that way? What are you all doing to help relieve the discomfort of all these "healing" symptoms? I have to say that I do look so much better than I did before. I'm still packing some bruising low under my eyes but that may be gone in another week or so. Thanks for any tips and or advice:))

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Trublu112, I am only on my Day 9 post op, but I can understand your level of frustration. I had the same procedures as you along with upper eye bleph. I think most of us out here didn't really understand the extent of this procedure. I also believe that managing our expectations is a huge issue going into this kind of surgery. It is not for the fainthearted. I have been fortunate in that I have not experienced the kind of pain that others have and really only needed Tylenol most of the time. The numbness and swelling is getting to me but it's early yet (for both of us!) There really isn't any answer to this except to let everything regenerate and understand that the good side of feeling what you are experiencing is that your healing is progressing (tingling) with the nerve regeneration. Looked at positively and that your outcome is truly a successful one is important to the psychological side of this. Are you pleased with your results? Everything you are feeling mentally and physically sounds quite normal under the circumstances. How long were you in surgery? I am also given to understand that the longer the surgery , the more processes done, etc, have a huge bearing on the recovery time. I would urge you continue your partnership with your PS and continue communication, focus on the positives you are experiencing and look toward the final average recovery time of 3 months (seems to be the average turning point for many) It's not too far out for you! I've never used an anti -depressant but if it gets you over the hurdle then so be it! Hang tight... you don't have far to go!
i'm in the same boat, this has helped me a lot:
Thank you for replying. I am 5 weeks 2 days out from my surgery now. The tightness is just as present as it was weeks ago. All my incisions are healed ans I'm loking forward to getting my hair colored next week! I saw my regular nurse practioner a couple days ago and she prescribed something for anxiety and depression plus a muscle relaxer. All that seems to do thus far is let me sleep which is good cause I have not been sleeping well. I can't wait for the day I get up and don't feel like I'm wearing a too tight mask! I have a family wedding mid July and really hope I feel more normal by then. I look pretty good now, still sporting some undr eye bruising that seems to have found a homefor life:( The nerve tingling is all over my face and throat areas where I'm still numb. It's strange my left ear is not numb at all anymore but my right is completely numb still- That's kind of worriesome. Well I am finished complaining for the time being, lol! More updares later:)
Thanks for commenting! I havebeen reading some things in that link you posted. It's good to know all this is normal I am just wishing I didn't fall in the catagory of healing slow and taking months to feel normal instead of weeks. I hope you continue to feel better quickly:)