Post-op massage technique?

  • CandS
  • 4 months ago

Hi. I'm 1 month post-explant. My ps told me to massage very gently twice daily. But I'm not sure how to do it. Concentric circles? The whole breast or just around the incisions? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks!

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Hi CandS!! How are you doing?!! Hasn't anyone answered this yet? When I started massaging my breasts, I massaged my entire chest wall, under my arms, along the sides, kinda down a bit from my armpits, going from the back to the front, as if I were moving the "side- boob" forward towards my breasts. I massaged in circles and also just kind of gently squished my breasts a bit, cupping them, but not by the incisions. Then I gently massaged my incisions (after my PS gave me permission) with just the pads of my fingertips in tiny circles without dragging or stretching the skin. Just a little pressure and tiny circles. I did the massages twice a day, while in bed. I used my Bio-oil, but anything slippery will do. I didn't like scented lotions on my incisions at all. Coconut oil, aloe gel, Vit. E oil can also be used; whatever you have on hand or like. You can also use soap or shower gel while taking a shower. It felt good to do the massages while showering. While massaging, I would try to imagine that I was getting the blood flowing to my breasts and that's what was increasing the healing process. Plus, I had some slightly firmer areas around my breasts and less firmness in the center of my breasts at first. Kind of like a donut, so I was hoping the firmness would even out a bit or soften. It felt good to relax the chest muscles by massaging them and I still do it. I just used whatever amount of pressure that felt comfortable to me. I don't get on RS as much lately and I need to update my profile! I can't seem to get any pics posted either!! That means I'm healing well and am able to move on and not think about my boobies 24/7 anymore, which is where I think we all want to be once we have gotten the implants out and have healed more! Let us know how you're doing, okay? Thanks!! xxxx