Post-Op Complications Questions

  • Louisiana Lady
  • 2 years ago

Today is April 26 2012 and I just had a breast reduction on March 7, 2012 and I am having some complications that my surgeon can't explain and he told me that he has never seen this in any of his other I am hoping someone in the forum might be able to help me.  I have faithfully worn the sports bra as instructed after surgery and have followed ALL of my doctors instructions...but both of my breasts are still very red and inflamed and hot to the touch and I have a huge lump in the right breast and underneath the right breast it looks as if it has busted open because it was gaping open and draining, now I have developed two more gaping holes that have a thick smelly drainage.  I have already had two rounds of Cipro, and now the surgeon is telling me to stop wearing the sports bra and go bra-less to see if the inflammation goes away...I have followed his advice and yet the problem still has not resolved...I'm frustrated, my breasts hurt and as if thats not enough, on the right side at the end of the incision it now looks like I have formed a wing on the side when I hold up my arm...I am really beginning to wonder if I may have had a qualified surgeon or not.  I would welcome any suggestions or advice. Thanks