Post-op BBL/TT suggestion of things to have

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  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

Hello ladies...   I would greatly appreciate anyones suggestions on what they used or heard poeple use post op after their TT or BBL?   Thanks much!

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I am getting both also. I am nervous about the recovery.
Hi there hun. I only had the TT but I would recommend the Arnica Montana for swelling, lots of gauze pads and tape for keeping your incision clean and padded, Bactarin or some sort of antibiotic ointment (may need a prescription), lots of water and juices, soft and light foods, pain meds (of course), a marble or ear plug for your belly button (in case you need it). Make sure you a have a comfortable place to lay and sleep and get a powered hand held back masager for someone to use on your back. I was surprised at how much my back hurt. I had alot of MR and I guess that really put alot of pressure on my back so that was a life saver if you can get someone to do that for you. When is your surgery scheduled?
Thanks cheweb!! My surgery is on Jan 9th, same as your revision! I was reading your profile... what happened really stinks but I hope that your Dr is able to correct the issue for you and give you the results that you want and deserve. Hope you have a nice holiday and keep me posted on how things go for u :)