Post Op anxieties or reliefs????

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Okay we already got through the itself! So what comes after? When will i poop! Why am I fatter, am I? I should have got my boobs done too.. How and when can I exercise again? Does it look like my lipo's sections are back? I just want to walk straight! Should I get off these meds before I turn into a druggy??lol Whats your anxiety or relief??

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My TTuck is way beyond what I expected, it's amazing! Thank God I'm not into the twiggy look! lol =)
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I think our expectations before having surgery have to be realistic. I get the impression that some women expect to come out of this looking like twiggy. Let's face it, we dont' all have the same bone structure so there is no way we'll all look like that.

Have reasonable expectations and just let the healing process run its course. You'll be thrilled about how you look by week four just as I am. Yes, I have a bumpy scar but I know that by using scar therapy and massage it will eventually look a lot better than it does now. Yes my belly is swollen but I take the arnica every day and I truly believe it is helping.

Hope that helps!
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hahaha well at least I'm not the only one...I get so happy one moment then all of a sudden I'm bawling, and didn't even know why...My poor family my hubs and older kids went out and got me everything I needed not to mention that they were going cross-eyed with all the tummy tuck stuff coming from me hahaha but I'm feeling back to normal I do I just have to trust that everything is going normal well so far that is what the doctor says =) Except for Belly Button it's red so I'm taking cipro for the next 10 days...I think it may be we get impatient I want to but clothes NOW lol But really I am just so happy to get all that floppy stuff off my waist=) I got to take one day at a time...
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Oh you are not alone here:)   That is right,  just take one day at a time and be patient.  Ok now that advice coming from the most inpatient person in the world..LOL

I was a little bit like Tigger and bouncing off the walls most days.  Freak of nature is what I was.

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Breath are on the post op roller coaster right now and this is all normal.  I obsessed and worried about everything the entire first six weeks.

What you really need to do is relax and let the healing take place.  That will happen much easier if you are calm and get restful sleep.  I know it is hard but you can do it. 

Try to remember this...don't worry about what you can't control.  If you do you will go me on this one. 

I am pretty sure my husband though he was living with Cybil for the first six weeks.  I laughed one minute and then cried the next.  Kept asking him if I looked fat, if my swelling looked bad, if my butt looked bigger....oh god the list goes on and on.

You will be fine girlie.
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I'm pretty confident that my TT will be just fine but I still worry about how everything is gonna look at the end because right now on day 6 I'm going through "Swell Hell" I wonder how my belly button is going to look like, sometimes I just worry too much but if anyone has any tips PLEASE ADVISE thanks =)

I will forever treasure the prune juice tip!!!
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How are you feeling now aside from the swelling? I too am freaking about the belly button. Doc says it will be normal but right now it looks like a giant misshapen, puffed out stitched up swollen mess.
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The swelling is still there but my belly button is what also worries me, my doc gave me antibiotics for it and the redness is going away, yesterday it was real red;today it looks better...If your doc says its normal, they know they are the expertises, but don't hold back from expressing your concerns to your doctor if you don't see an improvement, but I know we won't see results for awhile at least 4 weeks! Good luck and Happy Healing one day at a time =)
(Thats what I have to keep reminding myself lol)
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Post op day 5 for me and swell he'll as well. I can't invasion the final product yet. I'm going to try to relax and let my body heal.
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Yeah thats all we can do...everyday gets better =)
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All valid concerns! Chime in ladies: What's your biggest anxiety/fear/worry right now and what are you doing about it?

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