Can anyone post op say if Ahh bras (or the equivalent manufacturers on TV shopping) can be used after 2-4 weeks post op?

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Hi all, I was watching TV shopping (just channel skipping -honest!) as I couldn't sleep last night.  I saw an advert for the a stretch bra which is like a dance type top, no hooks or straps just a top. It's made by a few different companies and comes mainly in black, white and nude. It goes on your body either over your head or you can step into it. My question is, can we (post BR people) wear this either one top (or two together) after say a month or so? Has anyone ever tried it and if so was it supportive?    Any thoughts on this I would appreciate it. I already have a link for a comfy bra post op (thank you Kim!) but having seen his ad i wondered if it may be useful? Thanks! 

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The ahhh bras are definitely comfortable, but don't offer much support:(
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Hi x-ray, Hi all,
thank you.
I've ordered genie bras and PS said wear what you are comfortable with. I saw some good bras with 2 inch bands but the company wouldn't ship them to the UK :(
For anyone from the UK i have ordered the following bras - 2 of them:

Julipa KE485CM - Miss Mary Of Sweden Front Fastening Bra - 36 C - White
and 6 Genie Bras (2 packs of 3 which the second pack is half price at the moment 4th Sept 2012) which as X-ray says if the support is needed i can wear 2 or 3 together.
I will see how they are and comment on their usefulness when they arrive. x x
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I'm in love with the genie bra :)... I actually bought it months ago thinking I would be able to wear it with my big load... of course I couldn't!!! I works great now though! ;)
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Thanks InneedofTT,

I thought it looks comfortable and easy to wear with normal sized boobs. Its on my shopping list when i'm able to wear them. My PS will be consulted first! x
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Hi 2big2long!
Thank you for your comments.
I too hope (on 29th August) to be a full C and small (skimpy- is a good word!) 'D'.
The bras on TV look really comfy but they are not compression bras more like a sports bra or top/bra a dancer would wear.
The bra can be worn alone or you can wear 2 or 3 together depending on how much support you would like in normal circumstances. This is from the TV and some of the women at my place of work wear them too.
I have 2 sleeper bras for immediate post op up to a week or 2's wear. 5 front hooks and its soft material to hold my drains and padding i will no doubt have!
If you do try this type of bra and you wish to, would you be kind enough to let me know?
Good luck with your recovery and I am so pleased you are on the 'other side'! I will be joining you soon! Look after yourself Debs xx
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Deb, I just had my 2 week post op appointment. My PS said I can wear whatever is comfortable. I changed into a softer support bra when I got home. My girls were kinda used to the support of the compression bra, so they're a little tender now with a little more freedom. I haven't tried the kind of bra you mention. I can imagine that I would be comfortable in it in another week or so. I'm a full C/ skimpy D. If you end up smaller, you might be able to wear one sooner.
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