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Looking for post-op advice from police TT'ers

  • DublinMommie
  • Dublin, ca
  • 3 years ago

I'm curious how long it took you to feel comfortable wearing a duty belt again.. As you know driving for 12 hrs is hard enough but wearing a heavy belt on top of it all makes me nervous for post- op.. I'm hoping for 4 wks off. Thanks!

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check out JenP's blog. She is 4 months post op and is a cop. I am too but only 9 days po so don't know yet. i would guess 4 weeks depending on the weight of the belt. Mines about 25-30 pounds. I think I remember reading that she said it was difficult at 7 weeks. Check her blog though I used the search of 34 years old worth it.
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I must not be searching correctly...the one I found for JenP has only one post to someone else's thread...
I am in law enforcement scheduled for Jan 25th 2012. Anyone that can add to this blog would be greatly appreciated!!
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Quess I should have been more specific.. I am wondering how long it took police officer's who have had a TT to go back to full duty.. Wearing that heavy belt & vest after only a couple of wks is making me a bit nervous
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Ok I'll be the dummy. What's a "duty belt"???
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I'm not a police but know some and it's the belt that they carry all of their gear in, handcuffs, nightstick, etc
Ahhhhhhh got it. Thanks. My guess is that would be heavy & not too comfortable post op. 4 weeks off may be enough time though.