Post 6 months op and I still hate my nose.... can it really be fixed?

  • chellebelle194
  • 1 year ago

I had my nose done in Korea about 5 and a half months ago because of my mom who persuaded me that I needed a higher nose bridge. Honestly, I was really growing to like my face, accept it, and become confortable with it ( im 19), but I thought that since "mother knows best" and she wouldn't do anything not in my favor, so I said fine to the nose job. Incredible hesitantly, mind you.

I underwent a surgery that I really didn't even want or care about to begin with. First, I had a consultation with the idea that I was just gonna get a non-incisional double eyelid surgery (something I had been also very hesitant about). But when the lady doing my consultation as well as my mother began to push me for a higher nose, I said sure why not, not really thinking that there may be emotional consequences.  When the doctor met with me after doing around 10 surgeries prior (there was an incomprehensible amount of people inside waiting for their turn). The meeting was INCREDIBLY QUICK even though it was my first time actually talking to the doctor that would be doing my surgurey. The "meeting" took probably 5-6 minutes at most and was way to casual, rushed and he even seemed tired (since it was late at night and I was the last one on his list from the day).

The whole time he explaned, I wasn't listening to anything nor had any questions because it was a day after the consultation and I hadn't actually processed the idea that i was going to get my nose and eyes altered that very second. I had my nose inserted with a silicone implant and cartilidge from the back of my ear beacause the doctor insisted that I needed to do my tip too... As of today, I have a nonincisional eyelid as well as a silicone implant on the bridge of my nose and cartilidge on the tip. The thing is that this whole time,I've been regretting the procedure and wishing that I could go back in time and really, actually think about this alteration. Since the surgurey, I've been incredibly unhappy and doing an obsessive amount of research on the steps that I would have to take in order to undo my surguries as well as the long term affect of the surguries if I choose to keep them. I read that the nose and ears dont stop growing but since i have a silicone and a piece of ear cartilage in my nose, I can only imagine how it would look as I grow older. Another reason I regret my surgery is that I hate the outcome of the silicone implant, it looks way too fake in any kind of light because of the straightness of it. The implant even made the space in between my eyes closer together because of the sudden height on my nose bridge. I regret everything about my two stupid decisions. I've been depressed, unsociable  bitter towards my mom and I seriously dont want anyone to see because of the judgement that I know I will receive.

Please, does anyone know if its possible to take the stitches from my eyelid as well as the silicone and cartilage from my nose and have it go back to how my features used to be prior to the surgery?  Will there by scarring or an excess amount of stretched skin on my eyes or nose tip if I go through with the removal? If so what is the percentage that scarring will happen? Please, I desperately need some answers or just anything anyone knows about undoing these procedures.. It would be beyond helpful and reassuring. I dont want to post any images because of the worry of privacy but if you pm me, I can show you what I mean.