Post-BR concerns...advice?

  • kacollins
  • 2 years ago

Hi! I'm hoping for some guidance from some of the BR vets around here. I had a BR on 2/14/12...yes, Valentine's day! I went from a DD+, down to a full B/small C. I haven't been fitted for a bra, YET (that's the scary part for me!). I guess I didn't realize the emotions that you would go through in having a BR. I was a D cup in junior high and my boobs ALWAYS sagged. Since the surgery I have had bouts of glee and bouts of depression. My problem, as the swelling goes down, I feel like my boobs are hanging more than I wanted, and my nipples are too low. I am going back to my doc on 4/5 because I have a hard spot in my right boob that she thinks is an internal stitch, but I didn't know if I should express my feelings about my BR and not being sure if I'm happy. Granted, I'm elated not to be the size I was before te BR, but they don't look like what I thought our goal was. I had made it quite clear that I didn't want to have banana boobs (or elf shoe the mental image, ha) and while they aren't true banana shaped boobs, they aren't as full on top as I was expecting. Anyone have any advice or knowledge they could share? Tonight's a low night, I've cried a little, but I'm hoping it'll get better.

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Hi! I'm sorry you are having such mixed emotions... I just wanted to share something my doctor told me: He said with a reduction it is not possible to gain upper fullness. You need an implant for that. What you are going to get with a reduction is a natural tear drop shape. This was great for me because that was what I wanted. However, I absolutely think you should bring up any issues you have when you go in!! Mixed emotions are normal, but if you really feel like they don't look how you were told they would look I would absolutely bring it up!