Post blepharoplasty wrinkles

  • ally doors
  • Italy
  • 4 years ago

I am 32 and a week ago I had Blepharoplasty. All went well only that when the doctor took out the stitches from my left eye they got out pretty difficult (comparing to the other eye).

Anyway, I didn't have any wrinkles before the surgery and now the upper lid of that eye looks crumpled. The bruises I had are almost gone but I am still a little swollen and tender.

I am wondering if my eyelid is going to progress and look better or these are the risks? The doctor took out a lot of skin (he said) and some fat and otherwise I am pretty happy with the experience.

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Hi ally doors,

I'm so sorry to hear that new wrinkles have appeared after your eyelid surgery. Please keep in mind that you're still healing and might not be seeing your final result. You should definitely talk to the doctor who did your surgery though, if this issue doesn't resolve itself with time.

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I hope you get all the info. you need... let us know if you don't, and please share your blepharoplasty story with the community.


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