Possible to get the smaller nose I want?

  • meganxxx3
  • rhode island
  • 4 years ago

Over a year ago i had a rhinoplasty to correct a droopy large tip and bump on my bridge. As soon as the bandages came off i was displeased because my nose was still large. the bump was corrected and my nose does not "droop" when i smile now, however i'm still displeased with the size and how it "sticks out" from my face so far. I'd be willing to undergo a very complicated surgery if it were to give me my ideal nose, which would be shorter, smaller more "towards my face" basically completely different.

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I'm wondering if you'd pursued this and what you found out. There are revision rhinoplasty specialists who should be able to help you. The results, of course, depend on your cartilage and facial structure, but I think a pretty nose should be available to everyone!