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Does anyone have a POSITIVE experience from non-cosmetic use of Botox?

  • PLM11
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 1 year ago

I've read so many horror stories on this site and others about Botox -- I'd like to know if anyone ever had a good result from Botox for non-cosmetic reasons? Please no more horror stories, I've seen plenty of those. Thanks.

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I've used it successfully for migraine. Although I no longer treat hyperhidrosis, it does work for that.
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I just had (last Thursday) my 5th botox injection series for chronic cough. My dosage was doubled this time and I'm very breathy, in fact, I mostly speak in a whisper. The injections are done with a neurologist wired up conducting an EMG, while my ENT does the actual injections. This time we had trouble with one side, my throat was very irritated when I arrived and the needle just kept irritating the cough spot. It left a little bruise, but that was the first time ever. I'm pleased with the results of the injections, it's the first thing in 20 years that has had any effect on my cough. redinphx

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Hello my husband has chronic cough for last three years and no medication has worked as recommended. Desperate for treatment that will work, not specialist seems to know how to treat. After researching seriously considering Botox as an only alternative left now. How many injections would be required to achive a result. Is the injections into throat best done by a neurologist?

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Where are u. I'm in California and have had chronic cough for 20 years and have been treated by over 30 doctors. Help mark at **********@*****.net

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What non-cosmetic use are you particularly interested in? It seems many people have used it successfully for hyperhidrosis.

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