Positive attitude will help you heal faster!

  • lizinohio
  • Loveland, OH
  • 2 years ago

HI all, just wanted to add a very positive post since there aren't many out there. I am 4 weeks post op today exactly and am feeling really good! I was cleared to slowly get back into exercise so I went for a short walk today and feel great. My swelling is mainly under the belly button and you know what, who cares! I feel great, my flab is gone and I know that the swelling will go away eventually. If I am more swollen at the end of the day as long as I am doing good and nothing is hurting I am not letting my surgery stop me from my regular life. I am going to get on with it and know the swelling will get better. I have also noticed my swelling going down since I have been moving more. Lossening up those muscles some. Sitting around makes me stiff which I think isn't good for healing. Let's hear some more positive posts it brings the sprit up and lets others know there is hope and the swelling and pain doesn't last forever! :-)

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I know, I do as well. :-( I pray every day for those that are struggling with major issues. I thank god that I have had a fairly easy recovery. I am hoping to give those that are discouraged with the healing process strength and hope that the recovery process is a process and it will get better every day.

I am with you on clothes shopping. I can't wait to go swim suit shopping! I am high waisted and a one piece makes me look super frumpy so bikini here I come!
I agree and to be honest I feel a bit guilty that my recovery has been so easy? I'm one week post-op, got the drainss out a 3 days and swelling has been minimal. I've been super cautious about too much activity which I think helps. I read some of the posts and my heart goes out to the ladies who are struggling, but I feel like I have nothing to relate to. Yay for me, but that doesn't diminish their anxiety or discomforts.

This is a great forum. Keep on thinking positively, enjoy the small improvements every day and plan for a full return to normalcy. The one thing I'm really looking forward to is shopping for a gorgeous mother of the groom dress for my sons June wedding!
I agree 100%! I think reading these forums has helped me so much in making me feel "normal" that all the ups and downs are normal. They have helped me greatly in getting through the healing process and I am so grateful to have this community to come to! I am going to get a review up very soon!

Yes I agree that having a positive attitude helps:)

But I do love the fact that the ladies feel comfortable in expressing all of the "Real" feelings they are having.   Having these forums help people to vent and feel normal about what they are going through.  So keep the questions and concerns coming.  We are all here to support each other through these tough recoveries.

lizinohio I am happy to hear you are doing so well and thank you for giving the other ladies hope and encouragement:)