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Portrait skin regeneration - worth doing?

  • 6 years ago

Has anyone gone throught with the Portrait skin rejuvenation? Is similar to a laser, they call it portrait plasma rejuvenation

i am considering having this procedure would love to hear your feed back on results downtime, was it worth it?

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Says dr Hankins in Las Vegas does this procedure, but when I called to make appt his assistant said he doesn't have the machine & doesn't perform this procedure...
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I had the Rhytec Portrait rejuvenation done to my face a few years back. I would tell everyone to save your money. Didn't do very much other than lighten up my wallet. When I went back to my doctor and mentioned that I didn't see much difference he sort of shrugged it off by saying that I didn't tolerate the pain like his other patients so he backed off on the settings. After reading other's posting on this procedure about how painful it can be even after all the numbing creams, I just think my doctor was backpedaling. It did hurt but I never told him to dial it down or to stop. Also, I've noticed that no derm or plastic surgeon in the Phoenix area is even offering the Portrait service anymore. Save your money and choose something else.
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Klam obviously doesn't know what he is talking about, Portrait has always been a leading in 'skin rejuvenation' systems. It's true Rhytec was mismanaged and did go out of business but you couldn't keep this unique technology down. Energist has acquired the IP and will start their marketing program in the next few month. The before & afters on some of the physician's site are really wonderful. Call some of the top Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeons who still use the Portrait for "the heavy lifting" as one so coined the phase that is perfect.
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Don't do it. Awfull results. Rhytec is declaring bankruptcy. Hope they collapse.
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