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popped stitch on my belly button

  • afkd
  • 2 years ago

Is this a popped stitch? Do I need to get it repaired or will it heal on its own? It doesnt bleed and it doesnt really hurt either. just a bit sore.  I just dont want a bunch of scar tissue to form.

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I had the same thing happening to me but it didn't get like yours, I just put polysporin ointment everyday until it got dry, you might want to call your PS and maybe he can take a look just to make sure is nothing serious before it gets bigger..
thanks.. I went to see him and it was a popped stitch but was not concerned since the way he sews it together and i keep up with my peroxide cleanings. I dont know how to remove this post from the forum.
If you have popped a stitch, call your surgeon ASAP. This increases your risk for infection. The scar that forms may not be symmetrical nor easily concealed.