POLL: Would you change anything about your breast implants?

  • MakenzieR
  • Seattle, WA
  • 3 years ago

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I originally wanted Moderate Plus Profile, but based on my height and size frame (5'5 and thin 110 lbs) my doctor chose to forego putting in the moderate plus. I have 350cc in the left and 325cc in the right, based on the fact that the right was slightly larger than the left. However, 3 wks post surgery and now my left is visibly larger than the right. I DO realize that I have to be patient in the healing process and there is the chance the left will drop and even out with the right. But in the off-chance it does not, since I have saline implants I plan on having another 50cc placed in the right and 25cc in the left once I have reached my 6 month post-op term. This will give me an equal amount of 375 for both.
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Can't wait to see the results of these!

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