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Could You Point out What Parts of my Nose Look Swollen 18 Days Post Op?

  • BossTycoon
  • 3 years ago

First of all, I had my drooping tip raised,I had the hump shaved down, and my septum fixed. I'm 18 days and I've noticed a few people looking at my nose in public and I thought Rhinoplasty was supposed to make me look "normal." I'm getting nervous because most doctors claim that patients look good enough to not turn heads after 7 days. It doesn't look that attractive on me and uneven and my school starts in like 2 weeks I need some reassurance.

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From the pic you show your nose looks completely fine, maybe a tad bit swollen but would never know you had any work done without having been told in the first place unless you had a dramatic change and I had known what you looked like beforehand. The looks you say you're getting are almost definitely just paranoia, and they might even be thinking you look good, your new nose seems to fit your face very well from what I can see, enjoy it!

Your nose does look like it could be swollen quite a bit, but not bad or ugly. I don't know about "not turning heads after 7 days". It totally depends on how your face is healing from the trauma of rhinoplasty. Most doctors say the swelling subsides significantly in 1 to 3 months, and totally by 1 year. Unfortunately, you just need to be patient now and let your nose settle down.

Alright I will thank you!