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Can PMMA lumps under the eyes be removed by blepharoplasty?

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  • 4 years ago

I had a filler done in Jan 09 under my eyes. the doctor did not tell me it was a permanent filler(pmma) until I went back a few weeks after due to lumpiness under the eyes. he injected more to try to reduce the apperance now a month later since the last visit the bumps are showing again. I went to see a dermatologist and he told me that I could get kenalog injections to try to reduce it or I could get radiesse to fill in the areas. I really dont want anything anymore. Can eye blepharoplasty remove it??

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dr ersek removes bioplasty from under the eyes (it is pmma). he wrote articles on that and he did it successfully.
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I am curious if you still have lumps from PMMA. I had Artifill injected under my eyes 8 months ago, and the lump is still there and still looks the very same. I want to have it surgically removed, but I haven't found anyone who had done that.
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who did the pmma injections? im going to dr casavantes soon for facial bioplasty with new plastic pmma. and am just doing some research to figure out more about the product if anyone knows anything or has had the procedure done bioplasty bioplastia using pmma please email me and thanks :)
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The doctor didn't tell you it was a permanent filler? That's, of course, illegal (goes to informed consent). What did he tell you that you were getting?
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it was done january 2010..made a mistake on the year.. it was three months ago..

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