I Need PMMA Butt Injections, Where in Queens Can I Go ??

  • dege
  • 2 years ago

I need PMMA butt injections, where in queens can I go ?? I desperately need this asap !!! Please let me know where I can go, inbox me the information, it will remain confidential. Thank you. 

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Hey can anyone give me more information on where to get these shots! I want to get them done before my birthday witch is next month.please emaile the info xxx@aol.com thnkz

hey, im looking for the same thing, please send me some info people!!!

Can you send me the info please at mmxxxx@gmail.com thank you

I'm interested ASAP and want to no we're & how much??
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For all the NY people there's someone doing them in Miami today she's leaving tomorrow for NY to do clients there and is open to schedule people
May you please email me with her info.??
What's your email address
Will you share the info with me if you get it?

Thanks in advance!

Plz can any1 give me some info on the injections in queens!! I have been seeking this info for a while..plzzzz help me xxxx@gmail.com

Please send me the info
im very interested
Hi, can someone send me information name, address and phone number for PMMA Butt injections in Queens NY. Ladies anyone go through the PMMA butt injection? If so are you happy with results? I want this procedure and I like to go.
There's someone here in Miami doing them that would be in NY tomorrow but I don't know for how long...

Im highly interested in PMMA injections. Can someone provide me information, name, phone number and address of Dr office in Queens,NY. My email xxx5@yahoo.com

Ladies e-mail xxx@yahoo.com

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Can someone send me the information about where I can get the pmma Injection done..
At mlthom****@gmail.com

please anyoneeee write me with imformatio about pmma injections..need telephone and adress pleaseeee i live in queens ny...my email adress is " sweet****@hotmail.com " thank you so mucho

hey if any of you have gotten some information can you please inbox me. Thanks

Hi did you receive PMMA injection information Dr office in Queens, NY? Did you go and you happy with results? If so, please forward the information to xxx@yahoo.com

Hi ALL! Can someone please MSG me with the info on pmma injections I live in NYC and want to get them ASAP! Also, if anyone has done it, please MSG me with info on it.

Thanks... Cdoran****@gmail.com

Hi, I'm interested in this procedure as well can you email me your contact nharris****@yahoo.com

I too live in queens and would love to know were to get the injections. Please email me sweee*****@yahoo.com

Can someone please email me the info on this injection l would love to get this done ASAP thank you guys :) mirix***@gmail.com