Plus Size NYC Girl With A Few Questions Especially For The Women That Are Currently Losing Weight

  • 44HNYC
  • Brooklyn, NYC
  • 2 years ago

Newbie here, and I have a flock of questions. First off, my boobies are 44H in Lane Bryant bras, or 46F depending on which full coverage bra it is, but to simplify I will stick with the 44H number. Anywho, I will be having weight loss surgery soon, but I don't want to wait the year and half to two years to get my boobs worked on, although that would probably be my advice to someone else. I want to lose about 150 lbs, and I know that for me when I lose weight, I lose boobs, but I will still end up with big boobs, for example, when I was 85 lbs smaller and a size 14, I would be a 38DDD in the same style of bra that I would be a 46 F in. So thats one cup difference, but the band a few sizes up band wise. My family is full of breasty women, and some got booty. Anywho... I was thinking of going to a consultation now since I would like to have surgery in October. I heard that its a process especially when dealing with insurance. If I were to have the surgery now I'd want him/her to bring me down to a full D, so by the time I reach my weight loss goal I will still have breast and be more towards my goal of a 36C. I dont mind being a C or D cup once at my goal weight of 130 lbs.. I'm 5'6, medium to large frame and my boobs "fit" me now, but I just want a change. So my questions are.. What size should I ask the doctor to make me (I'm sure he/she will come up with this, but imput helps?) Anyone who started at or near 44H and lost 100 or more pounds, what size did your boobies get to? Anyone in NYC with PS recommendations? Anyone have Amerigroup? Should I wait until closer to October or should I go for a consult now? Your thoughts. Thanks.

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