Took the plunge! (im scheduled)

  • ccie
  • san antonio,tx
  • 3 years ago

Ok so after YEARS of wanting rhinoplasty, and various consults, i have scheduled with Dr. Jaime Garza out of San Antonio. I love how he specializes in rhinoplasty, and has less than a 2% revision rate (girls up front told me he didnt have a single revision last year).

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Ooh!! I hope you'll write a rhinoplasty review for us (you can even do that now if you want) and post your before and after photos. I was SO glad I had my rhinoplasty. Just not having to think about how much I hated my nose made my life much simpler.

Keep us updated!


Very exciting! It's great to find a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty since it's a pretty intricate procedure. I hope you'll consider posting your before and after photos when you're done. When is your big day?


So i scheduled my appt for March 2nd! Im so nervous and excited at the same time. In case your curious heres my surgeons website.

Im feeling fairly confident tho. As far as expectations go, he drew out what the final result would look like. He said he had the digital imagine software, but that he didnt like to use it. Instead he takes your photos.. reviews them.. and draws the final outcome. It was so unreal to see what im going to look like. He said he will take those pictures with him into surgery and ensure thats the result we get. I took a quick snapshot of the drawing before he put it back in my file.. hehe I cant stop staring at it !

Hi...I just ran across this forum after I googled Dr Garza. I had my consultation for a revision rhinoplasty the other week and am still thinking things through. I dont HATE my nose but feel there are a few things that werent fixed the first time through(I went to a doc in Dallas). How was your experience with Garza? Your result? Would love to hear your feedback. :-)